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Discover Sicily

As Never Done Before

“The loveliest region of Italy: a stunning orgy of colors, scents, and lights…a great delight”

Sigmund Freud


Why choose Sicily for your next holiday?

Sicily has long been a crossroads  of Mediterranean culture, and the island today is a fascinating palimpsest of Greek temples, Norman churches and Baroque palazzos. But it also has many natural wonders, from the smoking craters of Mount Aetna to the still relatively undiscovered beaches of the southern coasts.

Our tours  can offer you a perfect combination of history, art, clear blue sea, sunny beaches, astonishing landscapes and a lot more!

Our exclusive tours will let you discover Sicily as never done before: not only are  you visiting archaelogical and historical sites of the island but you will also get to know what life is like in Sicily: you will enter private homes and visit wineries and throughout the tour you will be tasting the delicious local food and the tasty wines we produce.
What we want to offer is a special holiday out of the ordinary commercial network, addressed to those who are interested in bringing home a lively and original idea of what Sicily really is!

Make it an authentic Sicilian holiday: get off the tourist path and "live like a local"

Combine the discovery of Sicily historical heritage with Italian language classes and learn how  to cook traditional Sicilian dishes.

Join us on an unforgettable tour!

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