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Our boutique tours are designed for the discerning traveler who wants to discover the magical, hidden historical, archaeological, architectural, cultural, gastronomical, artifacts and experiences known only to a selected few.

What follows is a list of our suggestions aimed at discovering Sicily as never done before. You may choose the ones you like the most and we will do our best to customize your tour.

  1. Engravings and paintings dating back to the Paleolithic and Neolythic times in the Grotta del Genovese on the picturesque island of Levanzo – arriving there by boat. Also ideal for nature lovers and those who love to swim in the quiet, pristine waters.

  2. Mothya – a tiny island off the coast of Marsala where you will find the remains of a Punic city and the Whitaker Museum.

  3. Greek-Roman amphitheaters around the island, including Greek tragedies performed in grand style in May and June in Syracuse  and in July and August in Segesta.

  4. Arab mosques converted into churches, outdoor markets and Kasbahs, while learning about the influence of the Arabs on agriculture and Sicilian cuisine in San Vito lo Capo.

  5. The ancient art of tuna fishing in Scopello while taking a walk through the natural reserve  Lo Zingaro, enjoying a Sicilian seafood feast in an elegant setting overlooking the stunning views, while swimming in the pristine aquamarine waters on white pebble beaches.

  6. Medieval castle tour from the Caccamo Castle (province of Palermo) to the Castello Maniace in Syracuse, with the possibility of visiting at least eight  others found around the island.

  7. Medieval pageants and passion plays in the mountains of Sicily during Holy Week: the Dance of the Devil in Prizzi is one example of mixing pagan with Christian rituals.

  8. Museum galore: Art, Folklore, Archeology, in all of the island’s major cities. Of great interest are the archeological museum of Lipari (Aeolian island) as well as the lesser known archeological museum at Gela.

  9. Nature lovers tour for those looking for adventures among Sicily’s many volcanoes, including the active Mount Aetna and Stromboli (most northern of the Aeolian archipelago), as well as the thermal springs of Vulcano (also in the Aeolian archipelago). Enjoy swimming and night life.

  10. Adventure tour for bikers: discover the natural beauties of the many natural parks and mountains both in the eastern and western part of Sicily.

  11. Sailing tour for those who want to enjoy the clear waters of the Aeolian archipelago, or the Egadi islands or the natural reserve of Ustica.

  12. Food lovers’ tour including visits to wineries, cheese and ricotta making with shepherds in the mountains, local restaurants in mountain towns where you will taste local products cooked according to traditional recipes. Home cooking in Sicilian families is also available.

  13. Find your roots tour: Our travel will help you locate your family’s birth records, escort you to your ancestors’ home towns, and possibly help you connect with your Sicilian relatives.


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