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In case you have 9 days to spend in Sicily and you love history and art, here is our ‘first choice’ tour where you will travel in space and time, from the paleolithic caves to today’s Palermo.

DAY 1    Arrival, dinner in  the old Palermo

DAY 2    Palermo city tour and Archaeological Museum

DAY 3    Levanzo, boat tour and Grotta del Genovese: "Paleolithic and Neolithic cave drawings"

DAY 4    Mothya: tour of the island, Phoenician settlement; beach Scala dei Turchi

DAY 5    Agrigento: Greek Temple Valley; Piazza Armerina: Villa del Casale, Roman mosaics

DAY 6    Cefalù: Arab-Norman Cathedral, Roman Lavatories, Mandralisca Museum

DAY 7    Palermo: Arab-Norman tour; Monreale: Cathedral and Cloister

DAY 8    Palermo: Monte Pellegrino and Mondello beach

DAY 9    Departure


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