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This itinerary invites you to visit the places  the writers loved, lived and described in their works.  On Feb. 4, 2016 SS 640 was officially named ‘La Strada degli Scrittori’. It unites culture and tourism in the places that gave birth to first class writers such as Luigi Pirandello, Leonardo Sciascia, Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, Andrea Camilleri, Antonio Russello and many others.

Day 1   arrival day, quick city tour, lunch in  the old city and overnight stay in Palermo

Day 2   transfer to Porto Empedocle (Camilleri’s fictional Vigata): visit  Carlo V Tower, the harbor and Commissioner Montalbano’s places. Overnight stay in Favara.

Day 3   Favara: Farm Cultural Park; Castello Chiaramontano. Overnight stay in Favara.

Day 4   Beach day at Scala dei Turchi; visit Palma di Montechiaro: castle and baroque Cathedral;

overnight stay in Favara

Day 5   Agrigento: Caos ( Pirandello’s home), Cathedral (where the devil’s letter mentioned in the Gattopardo is kept), Giardino della Kolymbethra; Arab neighborhood. Overnight stay in Favara

Day 6   Agrigento: Temple Valley; transfer to Racalmuto: Sciascia’s home; Teatro Regina Margherita, Fondazione Leonardo Sciascia. Overnight stay in Racalmuto

Day 7   Drive to Palermo  and visit the city. Overnight stay in Palermo

Day 8   Departure day

extensions: Salt mines in   Realmonte; Santa Margherita Belice: Parco Letterario del Gattopardo, Palazzo filangeri-Cutò


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